Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Our Face Shape

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Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Our Face Shape

Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Our Face Shape | Sounds easy. But the truth is choosing the best sunglasses can be harder than it looks. Sunglasses are usually worn not only to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet rays, but also to transform our style. From the simple to glamorous, from formal to corporate, casual to funky and even sporty. But the transformation of style can only happen when you successfully choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself.

It's also important to take into consideration the versatility of  the sunglasses' style, the colour and whether it suits your wardrobe. So, how do you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face shape? How do you determine what kind of sunglasses fit your face?  So, let’s check out what are the women sunglasses that might perfect for you!

How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Our Face Shape

What's your face shape? Figure out from this image

1. Square.

Square face can be signified by a strong jaw, broad forehead and wide cheek.  If you have a square face, opt for round shape sunglasses as it will balance your feature. Round or curved sunglasses will also balance and soften your face. You can match it with any comfortable and simple dress in your closet, at the same time still finding yourself looking elegant and classy.

Round shape sunglasses suitable for square face

2. Round.

It’s easy to define the round face. Proportionate forehead and jaw-line are some characteristics of round face. For those of you who have round face, the most suitable sunglasses that best fit you is angular sunglasses.  You can also opt for over-sized pair of sunglasses in order to come out with an extra glamorous look.

Oversizzed sunglasses suitable for round face

3. Heart.

Heart face can be identified by high cheekbones and narrow jaw with a wider forehead. If you have this shape, what kind of sunglasses are perfect for you? The elegant and fabulous pair of cats-eye sunglasses or any rounded style would be the best for you. It’ll add some value in your style and makes you look more stylish wherever you go.

cat eye sunglasses suitable for heart face

4. Oval.

Balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than forehead are some of characteristics of oval face. Those with an oval face are totally lucky. You don't only have beautiful and perfectly shaped face, but you can also rock anything! From cat-eyes frame, round, rectangle, retro, to over-sized frame. Any sunglasses is perfect for you!

Any type  of sunglasses is perfect for oval face

So what's your face shape? And which sunglasses best suit your face shape? If you want to be more confident with which sunglasses fits you well, so just check out this link and pick the ones you love and have fun rocking them on!

Till then. see ya!

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