Monday, 9 January 2017


Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Good day everyone! How's it going? Have you ever struggled to find the perfect footwear for your working day? Looking for perfect shoes that are comfortable but still make you look fashionable and match your career profession?

These days, women are rocking the career world looking chic and fashionable while being successful in what they do. One thing that people often do not realize is that what we wear to work is what influences us in boosting our confidence. As much as stylish yet professional work outfit goes, shoes also play a huge role in making women conquer the working world. 

So let’s check out what are the women shoes designs that are perfect for work and have always been a woman’s best friends.


1.    High Heels


No woman can deny the power that high heels bring to their self-confidence. The height and sexiness of high heels is what makes a woman stand strong in the workplace. It gives us that boost of power and in control feel while performing our tasks.

Not only that, high heels are always great to be worn with anything from dresses, trousers, jumpsuits or even pencil skirts at the office. 

Some light makeup are enough when we put on high heels to make it looks more professional and suitable in office environment. 

2.    Wedges

If you want more stability while still maintaining a nice confident height, wedges will be the next choice. Simply match it with anything you have on and walk around feeling fabulous all day long.

The platform wide heels are what makes wedges a great substitute for high heels if you want to give your feet a rest. Plus, wedges is perfect for wearing all day at office that won't leave you in pain! 

3.    Loafers

For the ladies who prefer a more subtle style at the workplace or prefer to appear a little bit casual, loafers definitely are great to be worn at work.

Choose from the classic colors for a minimalist look at work or go funkier with some fancy colors and designs available from various brands. Match it with pant suits or even cropped trousers for that edgy appearance.

This style is great to make you look different and more casual, but still maintain the professional looks.

And again check this link out for more design!

So, have you decided what kind of shoes suitable for your working day and yet still stylish and fashionable? Do you have something in mind? Mind share with me? :) And for men who came across to this article, hope this will also help you to find the perfect shoes for your love ones! 

 Btw, hope this helps. And have a great day everybody! 


  1. macam-macam design kasut utk yang bekerja kan, terpulang citarasa masing-masing aje untuk memilihnya.

  2. Yg pasti kakak ni heels dah tak pakai lagi sejak dah tua.
    Masa muda dulu memang suka terasa cantik:)

  3. I am heels lover, but since pregnant ni pakai seliperrr je hahahaha

  4. Pakai heels masa kawen ja.
    Time student pakai sport shoes & sandals.
    Time keje ni prefer loafers & sandals. Tak mampu nak terkejar sana sini dgn heels. 😂😂😂

  5. Nice info sis.. Tapi saya dah takleh pakai high heel dah, asyik terpeliuk jea.. =)

  6. omaigad..i cant wear heels

    jadi zirafah la agaknya

  7. Teringin nak pakai heels pergi kerja hari2 tapi apakan daya. Teringin saja. Malas nanye. Hihi

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